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Mokapat 1 Cup Luak

Do you think of the best? This is where you should be.

موکاپات ۱ کاپ

handle type: insulation

valve: Original Italian

Quality: Top

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Making espresso with a coffee pot

برای تهیه اسپرسو با موکاپات ابتدا مخزن آب موکا‌پات را تا زیر سوپاپ پر می‌کنیم.
مخزن قهوه موکاپات را پر کرده و قهوه را کاملا به صورت هموار درآورده، سطحش را صاف می‌کنیم. با روش موکاپات نیازی به فشرده کردن قهوه نیست.
We put the coffee tank on the water tank and close the Mokapot teapot.
We put the moka pot on a gentle flame (it is better to use a diffuser flame) until the water is completely heated and the extraction process begins.
After a few minutes, the coffee extract comes out of the outlet of the moka pot. We continue the extraction until the color of the output coffee is completely light and it starts spraying. Remove the moka pot from the flame and serve it in an espresso cup.
To maintain the espresso temperature, it is better to preheat the serving cup.

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