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About Us


مجموعه ی قهوه گستر رها با مدیریت و سرمایه گذاری آقای مهندس میلاد محمدی، تولیدات با کیفیت و تخصصی خود را در سال ۲۰۰۹ بر پایه بروزترین فناوری روزدنیا آغاز نمود، کارخانه ی این مجموعه با مساحتی بالغ بر ۳۰۰۰ متر مربع با ظرفیت اسمی سالانه ۶۰۰ تن و ایجاد اشتغال مستقیم و غیرمستقیم برای تعداد افراد متخصص ‌ در شهرک صنعتی غذایی حاجی آباد احداث گردیده است.

In these years, green coffee has been procured from the best coffee farms in the world and the most diverse types of coffee, and it has been prepared, roasted and packaged in Macenzy's specialized factory under the supervision of the most experienced experts in the industry in order to provide the best and highest quality products with Iran's permits and international standards. Is.

In the laboratory of the factory, the products are examined in two stages, in the first stage, before the production of coffee beans, they are analyzed in terms of quality, moisture, and the quality of the beans, in the second stage of the laboratory process, the products are analyzed chemically and microbially. They analyze and with the approval of this unit, permission to package the products is issued.

In addition to coffee beans, we are proud to produce and package powdered products such as instant coffee, cappuccino, coffee mix, hot chocolate, masala tea, etc. without adding any preservatives or unauthorized additives.



Our goal at Macenzy, in line with the brand slogan, is to provide the best quality and most specialized coffee and chocolate based products to be the guests of the best moments of your life and to bring a good feeling and freshness to your moments.
Your share of Macenzy is the wonderful experience of traveling to the world of flavor and endless pleasure.
What a beautiful day with Macenzy

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